Sugar and Spice…

We met two of the newest members of our extended family on a gorgeous, sun-drenched summer day.  I couldn’t help but notice the contrast between the little ones.  Emily was initially shy and reserved compared to her cousin Andon’s spirited energy.

Fair-haired and quiet vs. dark complexion and adventurous.

Big baby blue eyes vs. devilish dimples.

Games of peek-a-boo vs. rock throwing practice at the camera lady.

But no matter the differences between these two sweethearts, it’s evident that there is no comparison to the abundant love and attention they get from all their parents and Nana & Gida.  (In layman’s terms: grandparents)

And that’s what really matters.

Don’t let the little, everyday moments slip by.  Consider portraits of your loved ones today – for tomorrow.

Get Your Honeymoon Details Here!

What would you consider as a honeymoon destination in Ontario, Canada?

A traditional pilgrimage to Niagara Falls?

Or a cabin in the wilds of Algonquin Park?

How about a show in the metropolitan of T.O.?

Nope, nada, no way.

Let me introduce you to the sleepy little town of Blenheim, Ontario on the shores of Lake Erie.

That was one of our destinations after our summer wedding   And what better way to celebrate a new beginning then to stroll through Smith & Wilson’s vineyard on a steamy hot day with your new hubby and your Mom.

We were lucky to find one of the owners, George Smith, on that  extremely hot afternoon.  (Did I mention how much I missed the humidity of southern Ontario??) George was kind enough to answer agricultural questions of my former farmer guy, and rang through our wine purchases after giving us permission to wander through his fields.  A lovely added bonus to see where the grapes are grown in this hot, unforgiving climate.

I jest, the weather is perfect for growing things, just not conducive to delicate flowers like myself;-)

And I would just like to mention that our gift of a bottle of Smith & Wilson champagne was conveniently forgotten back in Ontario.

Yes, how convenient is that, huh Mom?



Lazy Summer Sunday Afternoon

Some may accuse photographer bloggers of documenting every little mundane thing in their lives with pictorials that they in turn force upon the World Wide Web community.  I say balderdash!

Oooooo but let me tell you all about our recent, wonderfully lazy, summer Sunday afternoon!

With big white puffy clouds in a crystal blue sky, my new hubby and I jumped in the car for a little Manitoba exploration.  In Birds Hill Provincial Park we actually stumbled upon a polo match.  Stopping to watch for 7 minutes – we determined that was long enough to make an informed decision that it wasn’t our cup of Earl Grey.  Onward we go…

Soon after we found a little cemetery in the park.  When I was young, my Dad would take my sisters and I for bicycle rides through our local cemetery.  It’s not as morbid as it sounds – it was a nice, quiet place to ride without the threat of cars that could mangle  our little pink bikes.  It also gave me an early appreciation for stone structures and wrought iron fences.  So on this lazy summer Sunday afternoon, we were happy to discover some old tombstones with a bit of character, begging to be read and preserved via digital files.

After grabbing some local produce from a roadside truck, we went home to roast corn on the cob while playing botanists.

We’ve decided to try a wild flower garden again next year, so we collected seeds from some of our favourite flowers.  (Feel free to insert poppy seed harvesting jokes here)  And what better way to end a lazy summer Sunday afternoon then to partake in a little wine …

and delight in the knowledge that your new husband is just as nuts as you are.


A Photographer’s Personal Search

Did you have a good summer?  Beach, BBQs and fun in the sun?  I was a bit occupied with my own personal project this year:  marrying my Sweetheart in my backyard.

Last summer while my partner and I were building our beautiful Stone House Studio, we discussed how it would be the perfect location for a small intimate wedding. Surrounded by the soothing sounds of a waterfall on one side, and banked by the fish pond on the other with a green canopy of leaves overhead – it’s the perfect place to exchange vows.  I just never thought that we would be the first ones to take a kick at the can in this idyllic setting!

Photograph by Moments by Marian

But I must confess that the biggest challenge of organizing a wedding wasn’t keeping the lawn green in one of the driest summers we have experienced in 50 years – it was the hunt to find the perfect wedding photographer!  As soon as friends found out I was getting married, the first question was “Who is going to take your wedding photos??”

Since all my photographer friends are in Ontario, I had my work cut out for me here in Manitoba.  With a little investigative work and a lot of online viewing of portfolios, I was able to find the perfect photographer for us in Marian Hiebert of Moments by Marian in Steinbach, MB.

She captured exactly what I wanted:  a mix of candid and posed photographs complimented with environment images of the details we put in the yard.  She gave me peace of mind knowing that all the little things that I would be too busy to see, would be photographed for us to view after  the hubbub was over.  And she perfectly captured the lighthearted moments of the day.

Photograph: Moments by Marian

At one point I was talking to a wedding guest while looking  up at our outdoor thermometer to see how HOT the day was. (And it was very hot) No sooner than I thought, “That would make a great picture”, I saw Marian lift her camera and take this very same image!


Photograph: Moments by Marian

She’s definitely a photographer’s photographer.

Thank you Marian:-)




My Wildflower Garden Part I

Years ago I took pictures of a friend’s little girl in a field of wild flowers.  Actually it was an abandoned city lot with Queen Anne’s Lace weeds.  But with just the right angle with black & white film (it was that long ago) the photographs took on a vintage feel.  Ever since I wanted my own field of dreams – err field of wild flowers.

This summer, with a couple packages of seeds guaranteed to produce a kaleidoscope of colourful blooms, my spouse sowed a patch of earth along the backyard stream.

And then we waited.  And watered.  And waited some more.  And watched some more.  And then joy o joy!  Little green sprouts appeared!  Then a whole bunch continued to spring forth until we had what looked like …weeds.

Tall, spindly, ugly weedy things.

I was ready to buy a scythe and mow the whole thing down.  Disappointment set in.

Soon after a little buttercup popped up and we said “Whoop-dee-do”.  (we talk like that sometimes.)  Shortly after we had a smattering of little blooms poke through the tall, spindly, ugly weeds.  Humph.

But then the poppies squeezed out from their weirdly shaped pods.  Glorious, tissue-like petals of colours beyond the traditional red!  I had no idea how delightful these little stinkers were!  Whether trembling en masse in a light breeze or mimicking stained glass as the evening sun filters through their petals, I knew I had found a new favourite.

Completely enchanted with my new garden addition, I cancelled my order for the Super Scythe 5000.  And I began to take many MANY photographs.

Plan on a visit to the Stone House Studio to see what’s popping up in the garden today!