Wanna see my smilin’ face on the cover of the Rolling Stone

Let’s be honest. Standing in the grocery store line, you’ve daydreamed about having your photograph on the cover of a magazine.

Field & Stream holding a trophy-sized trout?

Time’s Man/Woman of the Year

Popular Mechanics with your newest spy invention

Celebrating your team’s victory on Sports Illustrated

Vogue magazine…voguing?!

Actually, it’s possible for you to be like Oprah and have your own magazine cover with article titles that will make your friends smile.  It’s also a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion with this personal gift. Not a wordsmith?  We can custom design all the wording for you.

Let Janice Cape Photography create this exclusive gift for you or for someone who is hard to buy for.  Submit a high resolution image or have your picture taken in our mobile studio for optimum clarity.  And then sit back and let us make you a star!

Contact us to see how reasonable it is to surprise someone with a gift they won’t forget!

p.s. Did I forget to mention Valentine’s Day is coming up?



An early gift for you!

Imagine this virtual gift under your virtual Christmas tree!

Computers, facebook and digital photography are adding new dimensions on how we express ourselves.  So in light of these times that are a-changing, I have decided to send out a big thank you and digital gift to everyone!

Many people have encouraged my endeavors into photography and some of you have actually paid for my services or prints!  Thank you so much!  And many more have visited my website/blog/facebook page.  All very much appreciated! In the spirit of giving during this holiday season, I have personally created 10 original images that you can share or even post in facebook as your holiday profile picture.  Or you can send these e-cards to your friends & co-workers.  How about a desktop screen saver?  The possibilities are endless!

And the best part?  It’s free!  All you have to do is email me at janicecapephotography at shaw dot ca (written this way to avoid spam!) or  find my “Contact” page on the menu bar.  Send me a note and let me know which e-card(s) you like and I will email you a medium resolution digital file.  Yup, it’s that easy.

From my Stone House Studio, wishing you health and happiness during this season and into the New Year.  Thank you for your past support or if you just discovered my website – welcome and visit again soon!


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Tis the season…

to gather your loved ones for a time-honoured tradition.  Include a family portrait in a unique setting to share with your greeting cards this year.

No camera, timer or tripod?  No problem!  Janice Cape Photography offers reasonable prices so that you can get in the picture too!  And don’t forget Fido!  Our natural outdoor studio is perfect for your pooch!  Please note:  our rustic Stone House studio includes REAL snow!

However, cheesy Christmas sweaters are optional;-)

Enjoy the season everyone!

(click link above to see my personal holiday cards!)












Tripping Up and Tripping Out in the North

If I haven’t mentioned this before, I grew up near the most southerly point in Canada. Point Pelee on a GPS has a latitude of   41º 54′ 32″  – roughly the latitude of Rome, Barcelona and northern California.  The bottom of Ontario is affectionately known as the Banana Belt of Canada due to the climate and growing season.  (Sorry Melita – a giant, fashion-challenged banana statue doesn’t cut it.  http://www.melitamb.ca/index.php?pageid=411 )

The above information may help to explain why I get so darn excited when I accompany my husband on his work trips around the province of Manitoba. I love looking at a map and seeing where I use to live and how far north I have traveled so far.  Which brings me to our recent trip to Snow Lake Manitoba.

This 8-hour trek from Winnipeg brought me to new heights – north of the 54th parallel to be exact!  That’s almost in the neighbourhood of Churchill’s polar bears and Santa’s workshop!  After living over 2 years in Manitoba, I am still fascinated by the landscape.  Even the burnt out forests along the northerly highway are intriguing including the scarce sightings of wolves which naturally I never seem to have a camera handy.  However, on this trip I never expected to see a bear!  Ok, it was a wooden Smokie the Bear, but even that was new to me as the threat of forest fires was not common coming from a place crammed full of cities like Southwestern Ontario.

Snow Lake is a jewel of a town.  Situated on its namesake lake (say that 3 times fast), its economy is supported by a gold mine.  The town centre is in plain view of a tree-lined shore with gentle lapping waves under a big blue sky.  Heavenly.

But it’s not to say there may be a killjoy or two about town.

On our first day in Snow Lake, my husband and his supervisor had work to do which left me the day to explore this town of 700 people.  First stop was the post office.

I asked directions from a local fellow who just happened to be standing in his driveway …watching me.  After crowding my personal space on an empty sidewalk and directing me to take the short cut through the woods, I went on my way feeling slightly unnerved.  Maybe it was just my big-city girl instincts kicking in unnecessarily?

This wooded area provided a serene walk on a gorgeous fall day.  A photographer with a camera couldn’t ask for more.  Trees and their almost humanlike qualities, along with the fantastical creepy imagery of  Tim Burton’s films, have always spurred on my imagination.  Needless to say, I was snapping a lot of pictures on my way to Grandmother’s house…err … I mean the post office.

Maybe this was when I started to freak myself out?

The welcoming ambiance of a sunlit forest turned a little sinister when the well-worn path became less well worn with more forks in the road than a greasy diner.  Soon my landmarks were all becoming ‘the really tall tree with the pretty leaves’.

After convincing myself that my local navigator might have ulterior motives sending me into a dark and confusing backwoods, I decided to hightail it out of there while I could still retrace my steps.  Stupid postcard could wait to be mailed.

Later that day I reconnected with my husband and his boss.  As I recall, the dinner conversation centered on laughing at the city girl and her wild imagination.  Whatever.  The evening ended nicely chasing sunsets around Snow Lake … with my two body guards.

Every one should have one…

You know, that one person you can call up anytime and say “Hey!  Can I shoot you?”  And they actually come over AND let you shoot them!

I’m lucky enough to have that kind of dedication from my daughter.  Apart from having big brown eyes and a head full of curls, she’s got personality plus.  It helps me enormously when I make her do weird things while I test my lighting, equipment, backdrops, ideas etc.  If you are a portrait photographer it’s imperative to use live models when testing out new photography styles before a paid photo session.  Luckily my daughter’s modeling fee is a home cooked meal.













Last year I had an assignment to take pictures of a pet black lab.  If you have ever taken pictures of your own Fido or Felix, you know that lighting fur can be tricky.  Before the shoot, I decided to practice with my daughter and a mink coat that I had lying around.

The previous lighting test helped enormously when I took pictures of Cody.  An unexpected result was the goofy series of images I have of my daughter in a fur coat.  Every time I look at those photographs, I can’t help but laugh.

I just wish she wasn’t so serious…