My Wildflower Garden Part I

Years ago I took pictures of a friend’s little girl in a field of wild flowers.  Actually it was an abandoned city lot with Queen Anne’s Lace weeds.  But with just the right angle with black & white film (it was that long ago) the photographs took on a vintage feel.  Ever since I wanted my own field of dreams – err field of wild flowers.

This summer, with a couple packages of seeds guaranteed to produce a kaleidoscope of colourful blooms, my spouse sowed a patch of earth along the backyard stream.

And then we waited.  And watered.  And waited some more.  And watched some more.  And then joy o joy!  Little green sprouts appeared!  Then a whole bunch continued to spring forth until we had what looked like …weeds.

Tall, spindly, ugly weedy things.

I was ready to buy a scythe and mow the whole thing down.  Disappointment set in.

Soon after a little buttercup popped up and we said “Whoop-dee-do”.  (we talk like that sometimes.)  Shortly after we had a smattering of little blooms poke through the tall, spindly, ugly weeds.  Humph.

But then the poppies squeezed out from their weirdly shaped pods.  Glorious, tissue-like petals of colours beyond the traditional red!  I had no idea how delightful these little stinkers were!  Whether trembling en masse in a light breeze or mimicking stained glass as the evening sun filters through their petals, I knew I had found a new favourite.

Completely enchanted with my new garden addition, I cancelled my order for the Super Scythe 5000.  And I began to take many MANY photographs.

Plan on a visit to the Stone House Studio to see what’s popping up in the garden today!


MartineJuly 23, 2011 - 5:55 pm


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